July 03, 2007

Navy SEAL Danny Dietz Memorial Sculpture Dedication July 4

A photo of Danny Dietz serving in Afghanistan, where he was killed on June 28, 2005. The sculpture is based on this photo. Dietz and three other Navy SEALs were ambushed by al-Qaeda guerrillas. Dietz, 25, severely wounded, fought off attackers for more than 45 minutes, allowing one of his team members to escape.

Dietz received the Navy Cross, the Navy's second-highest medal.

For those who can make it:
Dedication of the Danny Dietz Memorial Sculpture

11 a.m. Wednesday

Berry Park extension, 5507 S. King St., Littleton

This Fourth of July, Coloradoans should honor and remember Navy SEAL Danny Dietz--who gave all and will be honored with a statue in his hometown (and reports are coming in that Littleton is expecting large crowds):
The American flag hung motionless in the hazy, breezeless sky, a solemn red-white-and- blue reminder of the man who had sacrificed his life for it two years ago to the day.
. . .
Among them was state Sen. Steve Ward, who not only represents the Dietzes' district, but who, as a Marine Corps colonel, was stationed at Bagram for two years himself. It was Ward who obtained the flag for the Dietz family.

"He was a brave man who died tragically and heroically," said Ward, alluding to Petty Officer 2nd Class Danny Dietz being posthumously awarded the Navy Cross - the nation's second-highest military honor - for his bravery in the face of fierce combat.

The same flag that honored Dietz will be used Wednesday at the July Fourth dedication ceremony of a statue of him that will be held in Littleton's Berry Park extension.

But Littleton Police Chief Heather Coogan wasn't thinking a week ahead as she watched the ceremony.

"This demonstrates that we have so many fine young people who have such a strong sense of duty, honor and patriotism," said Coogan. "Being here to watch this just feels absolutely right."

After a long minute, Garcia slowly began lowering the limp flag.

But halfway down, a quicksilver breath of wind caught it. And suddenly, for several blinks of the eye, there it was, spread against the sky: a 3-foot-by-5- foot piece of red-white-and-blue cloth that represented something for which a Colorado warrior was willing to give his life.
Colorado Flies Front Line Flag, Honors Fallen SEAL Danny Dietz

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