June 27, 2007

Dumb Political Reform Idea Of The Day--Eliminate Colorado's Senate

"Good intentions" but really bad ideas as a way to increase third party efficacy and reduce partisan bickering:
DENVER (AP) -- Hoping to take some of the sting out of politics, a legislative task force on Wednesday began studying potential changes to Colorado's election process designed to ratchet down the rhetoric and give minor parties a bigger role.

Rep. John Kefalas, D-Fort Collins, said recent campaigns have been so bitter they have driven voters away. He said voters often end up casting ballots for major-party candidates when they want to vote for unaffiliated or minor-party candidates.

"It seems like the playing field isn't level," Kefalas told the 11-member committee.

Recommendations on the table include instant runoff voting, also known as ranked-choice voting, where voters pick their first choice for a candidate but also list their second, third, fourth and fifth choices, depending on the number of candidates.
. . .
Another plan would retain the state House of Representatives, which currently has 65 members, but eliminate the 35-member state Senate, giving Colorado a unicameral or single-chamber Legislature.

Those 35 Senate seats would be reallocated to the House.
. . .
"We need to get away from the concept that we're voting for the lesser of two evils," she said.
PPH calls this a "step towards totalitarianism" and an abrogation of checks and balances.

As if a move to one legislative house would decrease instead of increasing partisan rancor--right!

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