June 23, 2007

More Show Raids

A rather meager number given the overall rate of recidivism:
Federal agents arrested 38 illegal immigrants over three days in Colorado and Wyoming.

The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement says the operation focused on criminals and illegal immigrants who didn't show up for hearings or fled after they were ordered out of the country.

Officers made several arrests in western Colorado, including in Summit County, and in Sweetwater and Carbon counties in southern and western Wyoming. Those arrested range in age from 20 to 48 years old and come from Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and the Czech Republic.

ICE officials say the number of illegal immigrants running from the law has dropped as the government has streamlined operations, tripled the number of teams of agents and increased detention spaces.
That last claim is rather dubious, and also not very encouraging considering the report made this week that indicated Colorado officials have been reporting criminal illegal aliens to Federal officials, but there has not been an increase in pickups or deportations.

Just another display of political grandstanding to demonstrate ICE's "tough" stance on illegal immigration.

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