July 02, 2007

Allard Stumps For Romney In Iowa

Sen. Wayne Allard hasn't done much in the way of endorsements, but Mitt Romney picked up the conservative's support in yesterday's trip to Iowa:
Allard, considered one of the more consistent conservatives in Congress, is here to tell Iowans that Romney is OK by him - on tax and budget issues, on family values issues, the whole gamut.

At Sunday night's low-key dinner, local chiropractor Sara Mesick asked Allard how Romney, who is Morman, can overcome skepticism from some evangelical Christians who have openly questioned the beliefs of his religion.

Allard said that if the campaign devolves into a fight over religion "there'd never be a Jew or you-name-it" who is elected to political office. He defended the values Romney has shown during his life and said, "If they carry your values, that's what it's all about."

This is the first time Allard has been on the campaign trail at this stage of a presidential election. He said the work isn't hard, especially for a trained veterinarian.

After all, Allard said, "When your conversation lags, you talk about their pets."
And given the recent attention paid to Romney's dog, having a veterinarian's endorsement can't hurt.

What is interesting is Allard throwing his support behind the former governor, and not Fred Thompson, his one-time colleague in the U.S. Senate. Does the Colorado Senator doubt Thompson's conservative credentials, or doubt his ability to win? It's not like he is trying to pick a candidate for his coat-tails, since he is retiring and not running for reelection.

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