October 23, 2006

Dueling Polls: Beauprez Comeback Or Ritter Landslide?

Which poll do you believe?

WSJ-Zogby, which last week had Beauprez down a mere 2%--well within the margin of error and basically a statistical dead heat.


SurveyUSA, which now has Ritter stomping Beauprez by an 18 point margin, 56-38.

Most likely, the truth is in the middle. Ritter probably has a sizeable lead on Beauprez, as the damning evidence of Beauprez's ad became neutralized with the FBI investigation, and presents a net wash for the GOP candidate. A great GOP get-out-the-vote and a last minute Ritter misstep may allow Beauprez to close the gap, but with absentee ballots already being filled out and early voting starting today, the time for overcoming the deficit is drawing to a close.


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