October 18, 2006

"Beauprezgate" Spreads: Story Hits National, International Newswires

ToTheRight has a good roundup of national and international news organizations picking up on the Beauprez flap over potential illegal acquisition of campaign materials from a "confidential source".

Even in a close race, just the perception of illegal activities on the part of the candidate or candidate's campaign can alter perceptions of the candidate's honesty and his or her suitability for office. At the margins, such a question of impropriety, as yet unproven, may sway just enough voters from the candidate's party or from the great class of independent/unaffiliated voters to vote for the opposition or simply not vote at all. Given Beauprez's sizeable deficit in the polls--and the necessity of picking up support from any and all areas--this tactical debacle might prove the nail in the campaign's November 7 coffin. And this would be true even if the accusations proved, in the end, to be false.



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