October 15, 2006

Pope Cartoon: Catholics Outraged!

Pope John Paul II, hero:
The Vatican will make history this week when it releases a cartoon film about the life of Pope John Paul II.

Lasting just over an hour, it charts the life of the man born Karol Wojtyla, from his humble beginnings in Poland to his death last year aged 84. John Paul II - The Friend Of All Humanity is the first cartoon account of a Pope's life.

It was made by Cavin Cooper, a firm based in Barcelona, and is directed by esteemed producer Jose Luis Lopez-Guardia.

"It is a fascinating story that works well as a cartoon,' he said. The Vatican has given its 'full backing' to the film, which has been dubbed into seven languages. Last night a source said it had been felt a cartoon 'would appeal to all'.
In contrast to Islam's "ideal man", Pope John Paul II actually provides a decent example of how to live a principled life, fighting evil, and dedicated to improving the life of others, whether raising them from poverty or freeing them from the shackles of Communism--not beheading, enslaving, and conquering those who do not share your "faith".



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