October 18, 2006

CBI Asks FBI For Help In Beauprez Inquiry

Pvt. Hudson: Game over man...Game over!
(Aliens, 1986)

Things are not looking good for the Beauprez adgate inquiry:
The Colorado governor's race took a dramatic turn Wednesday, with news that the Colorado Bureau of Investigation has determined someone accessed an FBI database to obtain information the Bob Beauprez campaign used in a TV ad. Using such information for purposes other than law enforcement is a violation of federal and state law.

The CBI has now asked the FBI to assist in its criminal investigation.

The information was apparently used to help the Beauprez campaign create a TV ad highlighting the case of Carlos Estrada Medina, a heroin dealer who received a plea bargain from former Denver district attorney Bill Ritter's office in 2001.

Ritter has insisted someone illegally accessed the National Crime Information Center database to gather the information. Beauprez has denied any wrongdoing.

"The CBI has thoroughly reviewed and researched the law enforcement databases and determined that the information regarding Carlos Estrada Medina was obtained by accessing the NCIC," the CBI said in a statement. "Because this is a federally controlled and regulated system, CBI has requested the assistance of the FBI to further pursue the investigation."
CBS4 says "legal experts" (they aren't named, so they get scare quotes), believe that confidentiality protections given to journalists do not extend to politicians or campaigns.



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