October 04, 2006

A double whammy for the ILLEGAL Immigration Issue

Not only does it appear that the ICE (the new name for the INS) are getting their act together, the Senate also seems to have its collective heads screwed on correctly.

700 miles of new fencing on the Border, 1500 more Border Patrol Agents, detention facilities for 6700 more illegals? It's a start that's for sure, and a great blessing considering what we could have faced if the Illegal Immigrant Supporters had had their way. The fight isn't over by any means, but it's small victories like these which give this LEGAL Immigrant a warm fuzzy feeling inside. And when Vincente Fox describes the new Border Fence as a "new Berlin Wall", well that's just the icing on the cake.

The majority of the LEGAL Immigrants I know despise ILLEGALS with a passion, indeed some of them are members of groups such as the Minutemen. Yet these voices are rarely heard, thanks to the MSM's grouping of all immigrants into one category, and ignoring those such as myself who experience long waiting times, expensive fees, and hours of paperwork and interviews.

Need help protecting the border? I'm only a call away and several months off a Green Card...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If all the illegals go, maybe I'll get exactly what I order the next time I go to "MahDonna's."

Wed Oct 04, 04:14:00 PM  

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