October 02, 2006

Who Took My Donut?

Good Lord. These people take away my smoking in public and now they want to ban my doughnut munching. Well…you can have my sprinkled chocolate cake doughnut when I’m done internally digesting it.

Don’t people have other, more important, things to worry about in the state of New York? Like…crime? I can guarantee you people have much better things to do in life then to go around looking at the shelves in restaurants in search for ze evil cooking oil. Look, I’m all about health inspectors, but I’m more concerned about being served a rat’s tail in my main course than what oil my french fries were fried in.

Want to know something? I’ve tried "healthy alternatives" and "Vegan crap that calls itself healthy food only to make you feel like a better human being when consumed" type crap. I am an open-minded person and I do like trying other things, but that doesn’t mean I have to like what I’m eating. I’ve done tofu alternatives and believe me, after tasting tofu keylime pie, I’d rather gnaw my own foot off. After running a marathon. Barefoot.

To be honest with you, it’s great that people want to make food healthier. I know how easy it is to be suckered into buying something simply because the package says it’s lower in this, zero in that. But what about simply informing people of what they are eating and having them decide for themselves on what they want to eat in the end? I don’t mind going to McDonald’s and seeing healthier items on the menu, it’s just nice to be offered a CHOICE. And considering I’m a pretty fit person, I workout regularly and I eat decently I don’t feel I should be punished and banned from the foods I love. You only live life once, for cryin’ out loud, enjoy it! And after a bad day at work, I believe it is my God-given right to march right into a restaurant and order a Death by Brownie Sundae to drown my sorrows in. Yes, yes…so bad of me to eat such a fatty delight, but guess what? There’s a simple thing called exercise that eliminates those, "Oh no, what did I just eat?," type feelings.

As for Dr. Walter Fullashit, we are all guilty of loving junk food, but it is up to us as individuals to make our own smart choices in life, instead of allowing the government to swoop in and make such a drastic change.

This world is turning into The Island.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're ignoring the concept of collective responsibility (socialism).

You eat too many doughnuts, you get fat, you cause the price of health care to go up.

We are all collectively repsonsible for the cost of health care as an entitlement.

Until we can reverse the "progress" socialists have made I predict our future will be full of government telling us what to do for the greater good.

Tue Oct 03, 09:43:00 AM  
Anonymous Jacob Law rence said...

Newsflash we are in the USA whos virtues have absolutely nothing to do with communism or socialsim I must admit the ideas and concepts of the commie/socios are great when your dealing with a freakin village but they simply do not work on a national scale you get more than 30 people and its pretty much goes to shit because there is NO INCENTIVE and people lay on there asses and why the hell would we want free healthcare so we can wait in line for 90 years and give the doctors (wow look at this) NO INCENTIVE to care about the patience believe what you want, unfortunately i do realize that the liberal,marxist,globalist, lefties are a formidible opponent in todays culture and are pressing for all bounderies to be broken and the to government supplies everything wich to the low class sounds great so they got the low class and then there of course crazy liberals whos parents brought them up to be one I was brought up as a republican became, nuetral and now am back on the right, I don't understand how someone could think that socialism could work in America i don't understand why you would want everyone to be the exact same and there be no racial,cultural,or social bounderies but guess what there always was and there always will be you can't tell me any lefty politician actually cares about native americans when they attempt to uniform all indegineous people under 1 hawaiians are nowhere near comanche and seminoles never made there homes from Ice there are differences the world is colorful and dynamic people are not the same the only reason they bother w/them is for money or a vote or two, it really bothers me that people are on the left i really don't understand how they can be brainwashed into this mindset but maybe on day I will anyway i must be goin now to spread truth and right wing principles to the world! haha If any of you commie bastards wanna throw down gimme a call 336-409-7656

Tue Oct 10, 08:01:00 AM  

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