October 04, 2006

BBC Managers: No Crosses To Be Worn By Newsreaders

The "offensive" cross

More PC "someone might be offended" nonsense from the BBC:
Millions of women across Britain wear this small and insignificant piece of jewellery. But yesterday, in yet another example of PC gone mad, a necklace worn by TV newsreader Fiona Bruce sparked a row among BBC bosses.

The piece of jewellery in question was a small cross on a necklace, which the presenter recently wore while presenting the Ten O'Clock News.

She has worn it for some years, in fact, but now some at the BBC want to ban her from wearing the accessory, with a former policy-maker at the organisation describing it as "a potential mistake" that might suggest some kind of religious affiliation.

The BBC was debating whether a female Muslim newsreader should be allowed to wear a headscarf while reading the news when the issue over Ms Bruce's cross was brought up.
It's a cross, it's a cross. . .run away!

Obviously crosses have religious connotations, though these days many women use them as accessories rather than overt religious statements. A generic cross might be worn on a necklace, but this would be substantively different from the crucifix I wear every day.

That crosses, even small jewelry accessories in the shape of a cross, are now found to be either too religious or potentially "offensive" is really appalling, but unsurprising. How much says the cross goes, but the Muslim headscarf stays--to show cultural understanding, of course?


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