October 24, 2006

"Bush" Appears In Colorado Ad Opposing Marriage Amendment Defining "One Man, One Woman"

Well, not the President himself, but rather a look-alike who parrots Bush's speech patterns (pushing the usual Bush=stupid mantra). "Bush" wants voters to focus on marriage definitions, rather than Iraq or "gas price manipulation"--therefore, if Bush is for it, you should be against it:

Looks like the Amendment 43 opposition fears the passage of the marriage definition of "one man, one woman" and is itself attempting to tie the issue to perceptions of manipulation and diversion, playing on the real President Bush's current poll numbers and the left's own moonbat conspiratorial theories on gas price manipulation and the "lie" of Iraq. They don't attempt to engage the issue itself, a fact that calls into question the reasons for their own "diversion".

Hot Air--Breaking: NJ Supreme Court upholds “same-sex unions;” Update: Now with rambling analysis!
Stop The ACLU--New Jersey Court Rules In Favor For Same Sex Unions



Anonymous Anonymous said...

And in case you missed the news today - the NJ supreme court just HANDED the elections in Colorado, Wisc, VA and Arizona safely back to us. People can SEE why the amendments are needed. No G-d-fearing person in any of these stays will let THIS go by unnoticed. Makes you feel like dancing doesn't it?

Wed Oct 25, 06:23:00 PM  

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