October 30, 2006

Anti-War Moonbats Want "Resistance" Teepee Erected At Proposed Rocky Flats Cold War Museum

To showcase the importance of standing up for you beliefs, of course:
Backers of a proposed museum on the site of the former Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant have begun collecting artifacts to fill the space, including a "resistance" teepee erected in 1978 over railroad tracks at the site.

The teepee, which could become a centerpiece of the Rocky Flats Cold War Museum, was presented Saturday to about 75 people who gathered to discuss plans for the 15,000-square-foot building. Construction could begin in 2008, and the museum could open by 2009.

Museum board members said they hope to raise up to $4 million for the interactive archive to document the history of Rocky Flats, which made plutonium cores for hydrogen bombs from 1952 to 1989.

. . .

Activists who pushed for the plant's closure and cleanup believe it is important to preserve its history to educate people about its role in the Cold War.

"We have new players in a nuclear age, and it's important to preserve the message that we have learned," said Jan Pilcher, who organized an effort to stop incineration of plutonium-laced waste.

Patrick Malone of the Rocky Flats Truth Force, which presented the teepee to the museum board, said displaying the artifacts will show the importance of taking a strong stand for one's beliefs.

Malone said his group will give $1,000 to the project and work to help raise more funds.

"This will be a local museum where we can show our children how to live in a place that they're not scared to death," Malone said.

"Resistance" teepee + Cold War museum = LESS FEAR.

Or something like that. We all know how museums and memorials turn out after the moonbats add their "views." And at least one scientist thinks that any type of human activity--museum, memorial, recreation--should be avoided for quite some time due to the site's, shall we say, glowing reputation.

Moonbats like Malone (a Rocky Flats "truther") want to live in a world full of wishes, a Lennonesque (or Leninesque) existence replete with peace, love, socialized medicine, and no enemies.

This contrasts to the real lessons one might glean from a reflective Cold War museum, appreciative of the diplomatic difficulties but also the reality that the world is filled with people who don't like us, and who would destroy us given half the chance. That our continued existence relies in no small part to the defensive (MAD) capabilities of the weapons produced at Rocky Flats seems to elude our small band of merry moonbats seeking to make the world less "scary." Try strong foreign diplomacy, a belief in your own country's goodness, and the military might to back them up, not butterflies and wildflowers.

Tin-pot dictators like Kim Jong-Il and jihadis throughout the world, armed with nuclear weapons, do not make distinctions based on wishful thinking. In the real world, "resistance" teepees, banging drums, and singing redundant protest chants don't amount to much more than "useful idiocy" to those who would make our worst nightmares come true.


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