October 26, 2006

Denver City And County Building Flush With New Urinals

What's that smell? Apparently, there won't be one:
Don't worry guys, the urinals aren't broken.

As part of the city of Denver's ongoing efforts to conserve water, four water-free urinals - yes, water-free - have been installed in one of the 14 public restrooms in the City and County Building.

The urinals are projected to save about 40,000 gallons of water a year each.

They contain a cartridge at the bottom filled with liquid to stifle odors. The replaceable cartridge, which is connected to a drainpipe, is designed to handle 7,000 uses.

The liquid inside the cartridge "provides an airtight barrier between urine and the restroom to prevent odors from escaping the drain, but allows urine to pass through because it is lighter than water," according to the manufacturer, Falcon WaterFree Technologies.

"So far, rave reviews," said Stephen Sholler, the city's facilities manager.


Blogger Michael-Scott said...

We had one of these at the hospital. Let me tell you. It didn't work as advertized!

Thu Oct 26, 07:24:00 PM  

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