October 30, 2006

Vote Early, Vote In Style, Vote Progressive

At first, the limousine get-out-the-vote seemed innocuous enough--put on by local "non-partisan" groups, something which both print and video MSM types failed to check.


However, it appears that the political stunt--getting only 100 or so families to the polls in a limousine in order to get on TV qualifies as a stunt--was put on by no less than the Colorado Progressive Coalition, a decidedly non-political entity.

Democrats are already getting a head start on those biannual voter discrimination charges, promising an amry of 7500 legal attack dogs:
The 7,500 lawyers are being promised nationwide by Democratic Party chairman Howard Dean. They'll be available to respond immediately on Election Day to any allegations of vote fraud that plagued the presidential elections in Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004.

"Anybody who thinks their vote is being fooled with should call that hotline and we will have folks at that precinct in minutes," Dean said on the liberal Ed Schultz radio show Wednesday. The party is running 1-888-DEMVOTE to help people vote and deal with voting problems.


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