October 27, 2006

Brit PC Police Waste £450m On "Equality And Diversity"

More like Keystone Kops:
Scotland Yard has spent almost £450 million on promoting 'equality and diversity' in the past three years. In the past year alone £187 million - six per cent of the Met budget - went on 'equalities-related expenditure'.

This included recruitment, training and research within minority communities, as well as crime fighting and prevention.

It covered not just race issues, but those of gender, faith, disability, age and sexuality. Since 2003, more than £21million has been spent on interpreters' fees.
If they spent this kind of money actually investigating crimes then perhaps there would be less threat from home grown terrorism and adult Brits wouldn't be afraid of their own teenagers. Perhaps the police should spend more time in the streets doing their jobs arresting criminals than holding hands singing Kumbaya in diversity courses.

More PC multicultural nonsense--Outrage as vicar drops 'not multicutural enough' Remembrance Sunday service


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