May 20, 2006

Global Warming: The Debate Continues

This show should be interesting, as well as a resource in fighting Al Bore's new apocalyptic enviro-fear-mongering "documentary":
In this FOX News special, climatologists, atmospheric scientists, glaciologists, economists, a U.S. Senator and a Bush administration spokesman acknowledge that global warming is happening and will continue in the future. But, these experts say greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil fuels are only partly to blame for global warming and are not the major force responsible for changes of the Earth’s climate.

The key message from these scientists is that the computer climate modeling predictions for future catastrophes — massive sea level rise, drought, disease, and species extinction — are baseless. Much of the field work, many of the assumptions and most of the computer modeling used to make the alarming predictions do not account for the complexity of climate change in the past, let alone for the future.

It will surprise many people but United States, while not signing the Kyoto Protocol, is spending $5 billion dollars a year on research and development of technologies and solutions to meet the challenges of global warming — more than all of the other countries combined.

We'll also examine:

• How much will the Earth warm?

• Can climate predictions be made for the decades and centuries to come?

• How much of it is man-made and is there anything we can do about it?

• Should we be alarmed?
More on Gore's new opus, An Inconvenient Truth Unmasked


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