May 18, 2006

Churchill Follow-Up

The fraud might not be smiling much longer.

Vincent Carroll over at the RMN has another note on the imminent closure of "Ward's World". He too finds it interesting that the committee tok a swipe at the media, and that common folk might have an opinion on what goes on in the ivory towers of academia. What, they should be responsible and called to task by, God forbid, non-academics?

Churchill is going to go ahead with a lawsuit should he be fired--though his case has far less credibility now that an academic committee has found him guilty of plagiarism, a "firing" offense. Churchill's lawyer David Lane, however, compares Churchill to the 17th century scientist Galileo:
Lane compared Churchill to Galileo, who was tried for heresy in the 1600s for saying the Earth orbited the sun.

"The committee has determined what the historical truth is," he said. "Churchill has his versions of the truth."
Unfortunately for Churchill, he is on the wrong side on this one, having more in common with the Church inquisitors than the silenced scientist in terms of having verifiable truth on their side.


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