May 15, 2006

LA Psychologist Sues Over Mother's Day Promotion

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Claims "age and sex discrimination":
Michael Cohn's class-action claim in Orange County Superior Court alleges that thousands of males and fans under 18 were "treated unequally" at a "Family Sunday" promotion last May and are entitled to $4,000 each in damages.

. . .

Cohn, who could not be reached for comment, complained to the Angels about unfair treatment in a June letter asking the team and college to pay $4,000 in damages to all males attending the game. The Angels responded by sending Cohn four tote bags and a letter stating that the team "ran out of the item that day and had to order more."

"They claimed they didn't have any more bags, but my client said there was a mountain of bags stacked so high a show dog couldn't have jumped over them," said Alfred Rava, Cohn's San Diego-based attorney.

Angel officials said Cohn's was the only complaint about the giveaway.

This year's Family Sunday promotion, to be held this weekend, will not specifically cater to women 18 and older. The first 25,000 fans — male or female — 18 or older will be given a red "Mother's Day Ladies Tote Bag."

Mead declined to say whether the change to this year's promotion was made in response to Cohn's complaint.

"It was done after a lot of internal discussions," he said.

Rava said the giveaway still violated some fans' civil rights because those under 18 will be denied a bag based on their age.

"By looking at the bag, you can see a 17-year-old male or female would be just as happy with it as an 18-year-old male or female," Rava said. "I don't know why the Angels and Bryman College had a seemingly contrived cutoff for this ageless bag."
When civils rights are violated because, God forbid (ACLU lawsuit expected on that one), a man does not receive a red tote bag, then the world is truly unjust. One question, if a certain kind of man looked like he really wanted a tote bag, would giving him one constitute profiling?


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