May 12, 2006

"To My Country": Exploiting Children For Political Gain In The Immigration Debate

Dear Member and Family,

As part of our campaign to defend the rights of immigrants and fight against racist and destructive legislation and messages, we are starting a new project.

We want to solicit the perspective of children of immigrants, with the idea of putting together an exhibition directed at the public, politicians, and the press to raise awareness about the human face of immigration.

We are asking that children of immigrants write a letter “To my country,” directed at the United States. They can write about how they see the country, the situation of immigrants here, what they propose to solve the problems, and whatever else they would like to say. Please write the letters in English if possible, and in Spanish if not. We are also asking for drawings, artwork, and photographs of the kids. If you contribute photos, you should know that they could be included in a public exhibition or used by the press.

Please mail or deliver the letters to SEIU Local 105
40 W. Louisiana Ave, Denver, CO 80203,
Attn: Greg Douros, by September 1st.

For questions, contact Leah at 303-698-7963, x118.

Together we can win a reform that is pro-immigrant, pro-family, and pro-humanity!
In other words, they want to exploit the children of illegal immigrants, some of whom are U.S. citizens by birth, to give a "human face" to the immigration debate, and attack the "racist" opposition to an open-borders policy.

Others are doubtful of the intentions of the union backing this campaign (video):
Critics accused the union of pandering to the human interest stories because "they don't have a leg to stand on."

Fred Elbel, who runs the day-to-day operations of the Defend Colorado Now ballot initiative, said the country needs to secure the borders, enforce existing immigration laws, deny taxpayer services to illegal immigrants, and not parade children out in front of the cameras.

"I feel sorry for the kids who are being used and abused for political purposes," Elbel said. "We have to look toward the future, toward the type of country we're going to leave to our descendants of all races. We can't keep bringing in unending streams of illegal immigrants into our country. It's destroying the fabric of our country which is based on the rule of law."
To have children who have a stake in the immigration debate trotted out to write letters designed for emotional appeal only--there are no substantive arguments save of the muddled leftist sort ("there are no borders"/"no one is illegal"/"Americans are closet racists"), speaks to the lack of cogent arguments for an open border or amnesty. Simply arguing that "we are here, therefore we have the right to stay", as these letters appear to do, masks the type of logic that was prevalent in the recent rallies. Earlier rallies featured Mexican flags almost exclusively and generated a great deal of backlash, so all subsequent rallies made a priority to have more American flags, although the Mexican flags did not disappear (neither did Che). This provides one more way to obfuscate the true intentions of many of the immigrant activists, whose agenda is much more sinister than simply supporting the childrens' right/desire not to be separated from their illegal immigrant parents. This measure is simply a screen:
The effort, organized by the Service Employees International Union Local 105, encourages children of immigrants to write letters saying how they feel about the immigration debate.

So far, the union has received 40 to 50 letters, and hopes to have hundreds, if not thousands, by the time the campaign ends Sept. 1.

"I think it's important that children have a say in this debate," said Greg Douros, the union's property services director.

"They are going to be impacted in a major way by the laws that are passing."

The union plans to exhibit the letters at coffee houses, churches and other places around the state.

"It's about putting a human face on this whole issue," said Michelle Dally, spokeswoman for the union's Local 105.
Because, let's face it, who's against the children?

Nope, not enough human faces here.


Cause all non-Latin American or Mexican immigrants are from Europe.

More Marxist anti-sovereignty open-borders mentality.

The message is quite clear.

The true agenda perhaps?


Blogger Mr Bob said...

I believe that the "America belongs to Hispanics" crowd are a big part of the movement and it will also be the death nell of it...I hope. 90 percent of all Americans will see that for what it attack on America and fight it.
I believe it is what I ran into when I confronted some folks about their sign on our Denver Hug and Illegal Immigrant day last Monday.

Fri May 12, 03:05:00 PM  

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