May 10, 2006

Endangered Statues In Egypt

Endangered statues?

From the BBC:
A religious ruling condemning the display of statues has angered Egyptian liberals and intellectuals who fear it could encourage religious zealots to attack the country's pharaonic heritage.

The ruling was issued by the Mufti, the most senior religious scholar in Egypt.
Islam has always been wary of representations of the human figure.

Anything which could even remotely suggest idolatry is frowned upon.

But sculpture in Egypt is as old as the pharaohs.

There are thousands of statues in museums and temples, not to mention the modern works standing in major squares in the big cities.

The fatwa raised an outcry, with many critics saying they are surprised the issue has been raised at all.

But these days Egyptians are increasingly seeking religious rulings on all aspects of life.
Like the Taliban's destruction of the Bamiyan Buddhas, the world stands to lose a great portion of its history if the Islamic iconoclastic jihadis get their way and begin to censor the legacy of Pharaonic Egypt by destroying statues and carvings of representations of the human figure.

What fatwas against ancient statuary has given the world (before and after):

Why? Because the statues may be "idolatrous" and there is no god but Allah. . .


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