February 27, 2009

Party On The Platte: Denver Tea Party

**UPDATE 6 April 13, 2010: People's Press Collective and Denver Tea Party will have complete coverage and listings/info from around the state, and will be providing LIVESTREAMING of the Denver Tax Day Tea Party this Thursday.

**Update 5 (April 15): Comprehensive coverage of Tax Day Tea Parties scheduled in Colorado (dates/times/locations) . . . People's Press Collective has a live video feed of the Denver Tea Party rally for those unable to make it down to the state capitol . . . photos/video following the Tea Party

**Update 4 (April 14): There are now
at least 16 rallies scheduled this week all over Colorado; more "smear" tactics to be deployed by the Left

**Update 3 (April 10): The latest information on the Denver Tea Party--including speakers, rally tips, and notes on potential infiltration from the Left.

**Update 2 (April 8):
Official April 15 Denver Tea Party organizational information (Facebook), including scheduled speakers and other arrangements

--more to follow from Slapstick Politics and People's Press Collective, including guides and expanded links

**Update: Gateway Pundit has an excellent roundup from around the country, and awesome pics of the 1500 or so who gathered at the St. Louis Arch Tea Party.

Here are the scenes from Denver, where 100-150 people showed up at 10am on a workday and braved chilly wind and flurries--and many more photos from Peoples Press Collective--and Michelle Malkin has photos from DC and around the country.

Video will process and be up shortly (YouTube won't load the video)--meanwhile, PPC's DC stringer has video from the DC Tea Party rally, and thankfully another participant at yesterday's rally captured a snapshot of the sentiments, video from Jenny Hatch.

A raucous crowd gathered on a chilly Friday morning, and had a clear message for President Barack Obama.

Right on.

The Gadsden Society will be holding a non-partisan, pro-liberty rally on Sunday on the west steps of the state capitol at 2pm.

A frequent reference and theme throughout the rally.

A popular sentiment.

The tea bags added a nice touch to this poster.

Wait, capitalism is still popular with Americans?

One of my favorite quotes.

President Obama's policies weren't popular.

Is it too late? These folks didn't think so.


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