April 09, 2009

Denver Tea Party: Tax Day Protests Gear Up For April 15 Rally

**Update (April 13): Rallies scheduled all over Colorado (in at least 16 cities); Leftist smear tactics continue

"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds"--Samuel Adams

From the folks at FreedomWorks.

Get started with a roundup of links at Gateway Pundit and Michelle Malkin. Denver's Tax Day Tea Party can be found on Facebook (also here)--with a tentative schedule (plan on arriving by 11:30am, with conclusion by 1:30pm):
10:00 Volunteers arrive, Setup
11:00 Speaker Meet & Greet
11:00 Tea Bag Sign Up Begins, Send a pink slip to your officials, Join Hear US Now! sign up!
12:00 Greeting by MC Brian T Campbell, Sr.
12:05 Pledge of Alegiance - Led by Brian T Campbell, Sr.
Castle Capella's Patriotic Singing
Guest Speaker - Gunny Bob
Guest Speaker - Tom Lucero
Guest Speaker - Jon Caldara, The Independence Institute
Guest Speaker - Mike Kopp, CO State Senator
Guest Speaker - Rob McNealy
Guest Speaker - Josh Penry, CO State Senate Minority Leader
Guest Speaker - Keith Peterson
Guest Speaker - Ken Buck, Weld County District Attorney
More speakers will be announced as April 15 approaches. If you want to bring your own signs, here are over 175 great suggestions for slogans.

There are at least 300 confirmed cities hosting a Tax Day Tea Party rally--even a low-ball, extremely conservative estimate of 1000 participants at each rally means that there could very well likely be somewhere in the neighborhood of five hundred thousand passionate Americans fighting for liberty on April 15.

The grassroots element of these loosely affiliated and locally organized actions has been clearly demonstrated--johnny-come-latelies like RNC Chair Michael Steele have been politely turned down when offering their speaking services.

The Left has also recognized the true scope of this upsurge in pro-liberty activity from libertarians, Republicans, and conservatives. Their solution?






Roger Simon offers some pointers on dealing with lefty agents provacateurs.

Instapundit Glenn Reynolds has a video update from PJTV on the Tea Parties across the country.

There are more important questions in the days that come after the fervor of April 15 has passed--what next?

Not all are convinced of the constructive nature of the rallies, but it looks like this is turning out to be a very small minority.

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