April 06, 2009

Liberty Activist Ari Armstrong: A Modern-Day Sam Adams

Ari Armstrong, the author of FreeColorado.com, has brought home the Sam Adams Alliance's "Modern-day Sam Adams Award" for excellence in the cause of liberty:
Ari Armstrong of Westminster, Colorado

Armstrong wins the $10,000 prize for his relentless—and ubiquitous—defense of free markets and individual liberty in the state of Colorado. He is author of FreeColorado.com and a columnist for the Grand Junction Free Press. In the last year, Ari’s work has been published in the Rocky Mountain News, Colorado Springs Gazette, Denver Post Online, and featured on numerous radio and television news programs.
Ari has been an eloquent and tireless advocate of liberty, and I echo Ben DeGrow's sentiment that this award is well-deserved. Congratulations!

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