April 02, 2009

Jury Reaches Verdict In Ward Churchill Lawsuit

Breaking . . . developing, more updates and analysis as they come in:

9:36pm--PirateBallerina has extensive updates and reactions from around the country on the Churchill verdict (scroll); Drunkablog has the transcript of one of the toolheaded jurors (a bright 19 year old) who sided with Churchill

--Courtroom audio of verdict from Complete Colorado

--Denver Post's story now up

--Judge's decision on reinstating Ward Churchill's job to be determined in next 30 days

--jurors not speaking to media so far . . .

--PirateBallerina: CU's defense to blame

--"lying liars" strategy works?

--more speculation: jury may have found for Churchill, but $1 damages indicate they may strongly feel that Churchill is an academic fraud

4:21pm--jury awards $1 to Ward Churchill

4:20pm--not terminated except for protected speech activity

4:18pm--the jury finds on termination by CU Regents based on protected speech yes, for Churchill

4:17pm--jury foreman to be addressed--jury reaches unanimous verdict

4:16pm--jury entering court room

4:15pm--verdict being announced now, judge giving orders to the public inside the court room

The jury has reached a verdict in the case of Ward Churchill vs. University of Colorado. It is expected to be delivered shortly after 4 p.m.

Speculation that jury may award nominal damages . . .
Chief Denver District Judge Larry Naves read the question in the courtroom this afternoon.

"We are feeling uncomfortable about the damages portion. Would you be willing to meet with us to talk about what is required and other things regarding money," Naves said. "And is zero dollars an option?"

Naves read his reply to the jury.

"I cannot meet with you. Please re-read the instructions regarding damages and if you find in favor of the plaintiff but do not find damages, you will award in the sum of one dollar," he said.
Jurors appeared to be leaning toward the ex-professor based on questions earlier in deliberations.

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