April 16, 2009

Denver Tea Party: Tax Day Rally Coverage; Photos And Video

**Comprehensive coverage of Tax Day Tea Parties scheduled in Colorado (dates/times/locations) . . . People's Press Collective has a live video feed of the Denver Tea Party rally for those unable to make it down to the state capitol . . . photos/video following the Tea Party

**Update 1: First photos are up at People's Press Collective . . . more scenes from the rally . . . crowd in excess of 5000 . . .

Part 1 is up:

Part 2:

Part 3--"Gunny Bob" Newman:

Part 4--Jon Caldara:

Part 5--US Rep. Mike Coffman, CU Regent Tom Lucero:

Part 6--State Sen. Mike Kopp:

Part 7--Lenina Close, Gadsden Society:

Part 8:

Part 9--David Williams, Gadsden Society; Matt Arnold, Clear the Bench Colorado:

Part 10--State Rep. Cory Gardner, Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck:

Part 11--Denver Tax Day Tea Party organizer and emcee Brian Campbell:

More photos of the Denver Tax Day Tea Party from El Marco.

Tea Party search trends by state from Google--Colorado is #6

Quick links (via Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit)--Tax Day Becomes Protest Day (How the tea parties could change American politics):

--The difference between "astroturfing" and a "grassroots movement"

--Tea Party tax revolt

--Why Lefties are upset, and Tea Party Derangement Syndrome

--Tea Party ramifications for Democrats and Republicans

--The rise of distributed online activism on the Right

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