February 17, 2009

Denver Anti-Stimulus Rally: Photo Essay

**Update 2: Instalanche! Thanks Glenn! Hot Air too--thanks AP!

**Update: Videos are live (more on the way)

"No More Pork!"

Can't put lipstick on a pig . . .

An unexpected guest of honor!

Approximately 500-750 people showed up to the state capitol in Denver to say: "No More Pork!"

More from Michelle Malkin, the great El Marco, and wall-to-wall coverage from Peoples Press Collective. Face the State has a recap and slideshow, and Free Colorado has even more photos and audio/transcript of the rally.

While the videos are uploaded to YouTube (video of every speaker will be available shortly), here are scenes from the raucous anti-stimulus rally:

Change we aren't too sure about.

Independence Institute President and featured speaker, Jon Caldara

The roasted pig waiting to be unveiled

Mortgaging our children's future, another popular theme.

You can say that again.

Before long, they'll want that too!

The signs were varied, but unlike lefty protests, they actually made sense.

We'll our children will just pay it later . . .

We agree.

Michael Huttner of ProgressNow Colorado (you can Google the link) couldn't pass up the free publicity.

The most popular speaker of the day--blogress extraordinaire Michelle Malkin of MichelleMalkin.com and HotAir.com

The roasted pig unveiled!

Former Rep. Tom Tancredo

Dumb and Dumber--Reid and Pelosi

Nathan the pig, about to bring the house down.

State Sen. Kevin Lundberg

State Sen. Josh Penry

Colorado GOP Chair Dick Wadhams--the long road back begins now.

Jon Caldara leads the crowd in chants of "No More Pork!"--the obvious theme of the day.

Here, here!

Fascism/Communism--same state control, same awful results

"Come and get it!"

Michelle Malkin serves the masses.

Not good change, that's for sure!

To the tune of at least $787 billion

Just say no to the Fairness Doctrine--raging against government control of the airwaves

More to come . . .

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