February 17, 2009

Why We Protest Obama And The Stimulus

Some of the Colorado MSM finally notices a protest afoot:
"We're having a rally because we want to point out that there's another side to this issue, and we want to give some voice to that opposition," Dick Wadhams, chairman of the Colorado Republican Committee, said.

Critics of the bill plan to voice their opinions at noon on the west steps of the Colorado State Capitol building. The critics, which include Wadhams and a group called Americans for Prosperity, plan to deliver the message to Barack Obama, "You don't know stimulus."

"The bottom line...is that this thing is just a massive spending bill, saddling generations with future debt," Wadhams said. "It does nothing to create jobs in the immediate short term and it's merely expanding the scope, reach and cost of the federal government."
Aside from exercising obvious First Amendment rights--we believe that significant opposition to this bill extends beyond partisanship.

We don't agree with expensive economic boondoggles--a "generational theft act" of dubious long-term benefit.

We don't agree with the manner in which these measures are forced upon us--mostly through fearmongering and demagoguing.

Oh, and dissent is patriotic, right?

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