February 13, 2009

Students Say No To "Barack Obama High School" In Boulder

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Obama-mania meets reality.

A follow-up on the moonbat Marxists at Boulder High School who tried and failed miserably to change the name of the school to Barack Obama High School:
When representatives of a Boulder High student activist group arrived at school Thursday, they were greeted with angry opposition to their proposal to rename the building after President Barack Obama.

Many of the activists’ peers wore Boulder High gear, made posters calling for an end to the Student Worker group, and mocked the notion of a Barack Obama High. By the time of an afternoon news conference, originally called to launch a petition for the name change, Student Worker President Ben Raderstorf had dropped the proposal.

“We have realized that we made a gross error in our understanding of the significance of the Boulder High School name,” Raderstorf said to a classroom packed with TV cameras, teachers, students and community members.

Many students said they learned about the proposal on the social networking Web site Facebook, where several people organized an impromptu spirit day Thursday. One of the Facebook pages titled, “Do NOT change the name of Boulder High School to ‘Barack Obama High,’” had nearly 600 members.

“It is ridiculous to throw away over 100 years of tradition simply because of Obama-mania,” the group’s organizer wrote.
Looks like more reeducation is needed, even in Boulder!

"No You Can't!"

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