February 10, 2009

"Senator Who?" Michael Bennet Facing Possible Primary Challenge

From twice-passed-over Andrew Romanoff, ex-Speaker of the House. And he may not be the only one.

But them's the breaks for Senator "who the hell are you?"--whose selection by Gov. "Blue Ribbon" Bill Ritter has befuzzled everyone from Democrat insiders to political observers of all stripes.

Should Bennet face a primary challenge, real doubts about the electability of Ritter's selection will become clearly evident, and the rifts within the party structure from disgruntled constituencies and passed-over contenders will only serve to weaken Ritter's own reelection bid. Bennet's possible primary failure will only highlight Ritter's shortcomings, and a stronger Democrat running for U.S. Senate will force more attention onto the Governor's own race.

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