January 31, 2009

Fmr. Gov. Bill Owens' Frosty Encounter With Ex-Professor Ward Churchill

"In retirement, he's starting to look a lot like Michael Moore . . . Ward Churchill is a plagiarist and a fraud and, regrettably, we continue to pay for his deception"--Former Gov. Bill Owens on ex-CU professor Ward Churchill

Owens commented on being deposed (audio courtesy of Complete Colorado) for Churchill's lawsuit on the Caplis and Silverman show--including a funny encounter with the man himself (h/t Drunkablog):
The deposition took place in the office of Churchill's attorney, David Lane. Owens, who left office in January 2007 and now is a businessman, was represented by the attorney general's office.

For his part Friday, Churchill refused to shake Owens' hand.

So Owens took a verbal jab: "I said, 'Come on, you're a big guy.'"

Lane said later: "I hope the governor's feelings weren't too hurt."
And apparently, by "big guy" Owens meant Michael Moore.

Churchill's response?

*crickets chirping*

Owens concluded:
Churchill and Lane claimed the firing was in retaliation for exercising his constitutional right to free speech.

"I very directly told David Lane that I also had a First Amendment right to speak on the subject, and I reflected what a vast majority of Coloradans were saying," Owens said.

"Unfortunately for David Lane, his client had a clear pattern of lying for virtually his entire academic career. That's why he was fired.

"I believe the jury will reject Churchill's (claims.)"
Drunkablog, Pirate Ballerina and SP will have extensive coverage of the Churchill lawsuit come next month.

In the meantime, prepare for William Ayers' defense of Churchill next month at CU.

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