January 24, 2009

Night Twister: "Getting Connected In Colorado"

There are blog posts, and then, there are blog posts.

Fellow RMA blogger from Fort Collins, RMA radio co-host, and friend Randy Ketner of Night Twister has produced the THE blog post on the center-right in Colorado--including the GOP, libertarians (big and small L), free marketers, think tanks, etc., as well as city and county government links, local GOP party sites, online political activism, blogger alliances and much, much more.

The explanation:
Political activism is more than waxing philosophical and eviscerating politicians on blog sites and broadcast email messages. Real political activism is hard, time-consuming, and often boring, repetitive work. It means going to city council, county supervisor, and school board meetings. It’s walking precincts, making phone calls, and attending local political meetings. It also means being informed, and joining with others in keeping your representatives accountable. All of these things are the impetus behind this blog.

Knowing where to get timely information about what’s going on in your State is a huge part of the battle, especially in these days of information overload. We all have day jobs, family responsibilities and/or friends, and hopefully other interests. It’s actually alright to not know everything that’s going on everywhere all the time. Having access to the most important information means getting connected. Networking is vital to success in political activism.
. . .
What this means is, with my active involvement I can affect change in my community where it makes the biggest difference. This is not to say that national issues are not important; they most certainly are. The thing is, we can only make real changes there every 2 to 6 years. I can make a difference in my community every single day.
What will you find there? Links to the following:

Political Organizations
Online Colorado Conservative Organizations
Colorado Bloggers & Alliances
Web 2.0
Online National Groups

So check out all this and more at Night Twister.

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