April 26, 2009

ACLU Wants Change In Nudity Laws In Colorado For Naked Protesting

Even a stopped clock is correct twice a day, the old saw goes.

The ACLU may be on to something here, as another form of automatic/zero-tolerance comes under fire:
The American Civil Liberties Union plans to lobby for changes to Colorado laws that require nude offenders to register as sex offenders, claiming the laws are unusually harsh.

"We are very concerned about the way in which the Colorado sex-offender registry is set up, resulting in sex-offender status for these kinds of activities," Judd Golden, who chairs the Boulder County chapter of the ACLU, told the Boulder Daily Camera.

The ACLU will host a public forum Tuesday called "Naked in Boulder." The forum will discuss whether nude offenders should be treated as "pranksters and protesters, or criminals and sex offenders."
Protesting in the nude is not something that Tea Party-goers will be doing anytime soon, as this remains exclusively within the domain of left-leaning organizations. But naked bike rides are hardly worthy of sex-offender registry punishments--eye bleach yes, but nothing more.

Boulder's DA provides the highlight of the article--when dealing with the issue of nudity in public, word choice is always important:
"We're dealing with a square peg in a round hole," Stan Garnett, who became Boulder County's district attorney shortly after the pumpkin running incident, told the Camera. "Most people would say people running down the mall with pumpkins on their heads may not be somebody who is at risk of becoming a sex offender in the future."

Last year's Naked Bike Ride in Denver (NSFW, eye bleach warning).

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