March 02, 2009

Denver Gadsden Society Freedom Rally Video Recap

Ben DeGrow and People's Press Collective have photo recaps, where approximately 80 people gathered to support the foundation of the Gadsden Society, including Republicans, Libertarians, and yes, even a few Democrats!

This movement won't die if we don't let it--the vigilance for our freedoms doesn't stop at election time.

For those of you who were out of town and unable to attend, here is the video from yesterday's Gadsden Society "Rally for Personal Freedom":

Part 1: Introduction, Gadsden Society, President David K. Williams, Jr.

Part 2: VP Lenina Close, Liberty for All

Part 3: John Brackney, CEO and President, South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce

Part 4: Justin Longo, Liberty on the Rocks

Part 5: State Sen. Morgan Carroll (D), SD-29

Part 6: Ross Kaminsky,

Part 7: Wesley Dickinson, People's Press Collective

Part 8: CU Regent Tom Lucero

Part 9: Ryan Frazier, Aurora City Councilman

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