October 26, 2008

**Update--Barack Obama Returns To Denver, 100000 Pack Civic Center Park

**Update 2--100,000 packed Civic Center, according to police

**Update--9NEWS has the best live webcast

Total numbers won't be known (or overinflated by the MSM) until tomorrow, but with pleasant weather and no competition from the Denver Broncos, there should be 30-50K people in Civic Center Park, no doubt buoyed by the recent poll showing Obama with a double-digit lead over John McCain. Looks like that $5 million Greek temple and Obamessiah rally at Invesco Field to cap off the DNC in Denver really paid off!

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton drew a small crowd for her pro-Obama rally on Friday--Peoples Press Collective was on the scene, and has coverage.

Early vote totals (by party) appear to indicate that record or near-record turnout could be expected across Colorado, with 17.7% (570,000) of registered voters already completing their ballots.

And finally, shocking news from Boulder.

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