April 04, 2008

"American Empire": An New Animated History According To Howard Zinn

Or, how Howard Zinn became a moonbat--stills from the new video (accompanying a new, illustrated book by Zinn out this week):

BDS, of course

Animated video, with a narration by Viggo Mortenson:

BTW, 9/11 is our fault. Ward Churchill would be proud.

Any wonder today's young people (anyone under 30) have such a poor or skewed understanding--if at all--of history? Zinn's "A People's History" is a bestseller and the favorite of leftwing moonbat teachers and students alike. As a graduate assistant, I was asked more than a dozen times what I thought of the book.

Populist. Biased. Read with skepticism. Unlike moonbat leftwing teachers, I declined to respond with rabid dismissal or criticism. Depending on the time period, I offered the students--all undergrads at CU-Boulder--alternative sources. I told them that the best way to learn history was to read competing viewpoints and decide for themselves. For the first time, the students weren't being indoctrinated by their teaching assistant (the professor was admittedly center-left, but very little of that came out in his teaching). By the end of the semester, roughly half of the students thought I was a lefty, the other half a right-winger.

And that is probably how it should be.

In term papers Zinn's book was cited again and again--some by students who had already dipped into the victimization koolaid, and others who attributed to it an authority based solely on its omnipresence in their high school history classes.

Then again, it doesn't hurt to have Hollywood stars like Mortenson and Matt Damon flogging Zinn's historical biases in the media, in documentaries and short animated films like this one.

More stills:


USA puppetmasters

WWII was an imperialist war too, USA to blame as well

US soldiers as jackbooted thugs

Nothing like a little borrowed imagery that would make Goebbels proud

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