March 21, 2008

**Update: DNC Permit Lottery Awards Parks; Recreate '68 Whines, Threatens A "Dangerous Situation"

**Update--Recreate '68 organizer Glenn Spagnuolo threatens City of Denver over loss of Civic Center space:
Denver could face a "dangerous situation" on the first day of the Democratic National Convention, war protesters said Thursday, after losing a coveted permit for Civic Center to the convention host committee.

"When things blow up because the police have to enforce a permit that the Democrats got, don’t blame us for that," said Glenn Spagnuolo, an organizer for the Re-create 68 Alliance.

"Blame the Democrats for trying to silence dissent in the city of Denver."
. . .
But when Jenny Anderson, event planner for the Denver 2008 Convention Host Committee, won the permit for Civic Center for a kick-off Aug. 24, Spagnuolo accused the committee of creating a "very serious, dangerous situation . . . for everybody."

Re-create 68 - which has promised demonstrations that will rival those at the bloody 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago - will be at Civic Center on Aug. 24, with or without a permit, he said.

The group, which is expecting up to 50,000 protesters from across the country, plans to march from Civic Center to the Pepsi Center, where the convention will be held, on Aug. 24, even though a parade route or a security zone hasn’t been announced.
Thus, the meme of violence and mayhem laid at the hands of the City of Denver--because of a lottery snafu Recreate '68 calls evidence of bias against the group--and the police sent in to enforce permits. Expect a planned occupation of the Civic Center by Recreate '68 and its allies for the duration of the Democratic National Convention, and the moonbats agitating for engagement and media exposure.

Don't be fooled. They want this. Peaceful, boring protests get little or no attention. Recreate '68 (its name should explain a great deal about their mentality) craves the spotlight, and confrontation and mayhem are the best avenue for achieving their moonbat goals.

The Denver Post has more details on the park allocations.

Glenn Spagnuolo said it was unfair, since the group already had control of the Pepsi Center. He warned that protestors from around the country are coming to Denver and will ignore the permitting process.

He said his group was willing to make Denver "ground zero" for the fight over freedom of speech.

Guess it doesn't always pay to stuff the "ballot box" by submitting multiple identical permit requests in an attempt to game the system (video):
Mark Cohen got there early. He's with Recreate '68 and wanted to make sure everything went smoothly because the group was left out on Tuesday due to a problem with the sorting process.

"We did come early to double check because the last time, the city said they had safeguards in place," said Cohen.
. . .
In all, the city received more than 800 requests from groups who wanted their claim at some 12 parks around Denver for the DNC.

"We're hoping to get Civic Center Park for all the days that we applied for," said Cohen.

About an hour into the lottery, the process appeared to be working as intended, but it didn't all go Recreate '68's way.

The group wanted to hold all of its demonstrations at Civic Center Park since it has the largest capacity, but the luck of the draw only granted them half of their requests.

"That's the problem with this process is a group brings tens of thousands of people and you have somebody who doesn't have an audience who wants to show there art somewhere and they are getting the same amount of space in the city," said Glenn Spagnuolo, also with Recreate '68.

The city says it is willing to work with applicants who didn't get their first pick.
. . .
Recreate '68 says it's been patient and it is going to make a statement, permit or not.

The city estimated that only 50 percent of the dates available would be filled today due to the number of applicants so groups could have a shot at different sites and dates than what they originally requested.
It's called fair and equal access, Glenn, no matter what the size of your group. Quit whining.

Not that you're likely to honor the City's regulations, or properly distributed permits to rival groups, in any event:
Glenn Spagnuolo said it was unfair, since the group already had control of the Pepsi Center. He warned that protestors from around the country are coming to Denver and will ignore the permitting process.

He said his group was willing to make Denver "ground zero" for the fight over freedom of speech.
Meanwhile (via the Drunkablog), the Democrats have declared the Hyatt Regency Denver their official hotel, and the Rocky Mountain News and Denver Post will be hosting a "media party" for over 15000 members of the decaying MSM, 6000 delegates, and other Democrat "VIPs":
Held on the Saturday night before the Aug. 25-28 convention, the party kicks off a week of reveling. Denver's host committee is responsible for arranging the fete, as well as parties for the delegations. Private parties also will abound. In all, more than 1,500 parties, large and small, are expected in and around convention week, but none approaching the scale of the media party.
On the other hand, if you are not into Easter, but would still like to go on a "hunt" of sorts, then join "Revo the Rabbit" and Recreate '68 on the "Great Camera Hunt":
Join “Revo the Rabbit” and Recreate 68 as we search downtown Denver for hidden spy cameras that have been installed by the City to keep an eye on activists! Come with a group or join-up with one and see if you can win the Great Camera Hunt! To win, your team needs to locate the most spy cameras in your designated area. Meet back with R-68 at Civic Center Park for a potluck picnic. Celebrate the resurection, the resurection of a revolutionary spirit.


All intelligence gathered will be used to develop an
interactive map for the community.


Photo of flyer swiped shamelessly from the Drunkablog

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