March 20, 2008

DNC Protest Lottery, Take Two; Democrats Looking To Party During Convention

Let's try that lottery again, and hope they get it right this time.

Meanwhile, Democrats are looking for places to live it up during the potentially hectic brokered convention, and no doubt a respite from the annoying protestors who are planning to descend en force on Denver:
Jenny Anderson, party planner for the Democratic National Convention, is booking venues. Lots of them.

Big ones, like Elitch Gardens — site of the convention's kickoff "media party" on Aug. 23 for more than 10,000 people — and smaller ones, like the Museo de las Americas.

In all, she's looking for 25 more party places, showcasing neighborhoods from Five Points to Lowry, the Denver Tech Center to Belmar, where 56 Democratic delegations will party the following day.

They must be green, environmentally speaking — and fabulous.

Once the locations are coordinated — and that remains a work very much in progress — Anderson will move down her checklist: caterers, decor, entertainment.

"You just think about things, and it's hard to sleep at night sometimes," says Anderson, who was hired in January. "It seems like it's so far away, but it's really not."
Social gatherings aside, Democrats are really hoping the protesting party crashers don't crash the party in November.

Recreate '68, indeed.

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