November 06, 2007

MLB GMs Consider Instant Replay

It probably won't go anywhere this off-season, but the General Managers are at least willing to take a look at using instant replay on those questionable calls that can make or break a season--think of either of the contested calls in the Colorado Rockies' tiebreaker game that sent them into the playoffs:
For the first time Tuesday, baseball general managers recommended instant replay be used to help umpires make close calls.

The recommendation, by a 25-5 vote, was limited to boundary calls -- whether potential home runs are fair or foul, whether balls go over fences or hit the top and bounce back, and whether fans interfere with possible homers.

Baseball commissioner Bud Selig opposes the use of replays but said last month he was willing to let GMs examine the issue.

"I don't like instant replay because I don't like all the delays. I think it sometimes creates as many problems or more than it solves," Selig said then.

But Jimmie Lee Solomon, an executive vice president in the commissioner's office, thinks Selig's stance has changed a bit recently.

"He seemed to be softer, at least on the consideration of the subject," Solomon said Tuesday.
There wouldn't be too many delays using these guidelines as the number of iffy calls is rather low. But at least having the ability to review plays, especially in playoff situations, should certainly be considered as part of the game in the 21st century.

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