November 02, 2007

Fort Collins' "Holiday Display Task Force" Deemphasizes Christmas, Favoring "Winter Symbols" And Diversity

This display is too "Christmas-y" and therefore offensive to Fort Collins' "holiday display task force"

Beginning with last year's controversy over a Menorah display, Fort Collins' holiday displays will be "festive" but decidedly less "Christmas-y" this year--a "secular winter celebration incorporating cultural and religious differences" (video). In order to avoid controversy and not offend anyone, Christmas elements will be deemphasized in favor of celebrating Fort Collins' "diversity"--blue and white lights instead of red and green.

Who is responsible for the recommendations? Why Fort Collins' own "holiday display task force"--17 "religious, cultural, and legal experts". Holiday-by-committee will render the already watered-down displays into meaningless "winter symbols" when they issue their recommendation to the city council in the coming weeks.

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