November 13, 2007

Around The Colorado Blogosphere 111307

For the most comprehensive coverage of the 2008 Senate race between Republican Bob Schaffer and Democrat Mark Udall--

For in-depth analysis and updates on "bag man" Bill Ritter's executive order on unions, visit Ben DeGrow.

Best Destiny has some more thoughts on Veterans' Day
So on this day in which cities and banks celebrate our Veterans, please take a moment to think not just of the 3800 who have died in Iraq, and all of those from WWII and Vietnam who we tend to think about so easily, but take a moment to consider the lesser-known heroes who have done some amazing hard work around the world that never get memorialized properly.

And thank all of them for their service.

If Denver can't get a small mail-in election in 2007 counted on time, what will happen next year when the Presidential election could once again hinge on a few dozen electoral votes, and the eyes of the nation have to wait for Denver's bumbling election officials to call on the SWAT team once again to count ballots?

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