August 14, 2007

Around The Blogosphere 081407

The Colorado Index detects bias against GOP/conservative blogs at The Denver Post.

Ben DeGrow is really going to miss his Rovian talking points!

From the other side--the Democratic National Convention recognizes the importance of the blogosphere, and plans to include bloggers as much as possible. The GOP really needs to make sure they do not ignore the blogs in the next election--and as the Politico points out, they have been doing just that:
To Ruffini, the Republican problem online is rooted in an older culture that has stopped innovating and has failed to embrace the sort of cooperative networking practices and freewheeling activism that collectively has produced so much new energy on the Democratic side.
Face The State finds a couple willing to challenge Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper's assertion that the poor can't survive on their current food stamp allocation.

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