July 05, 2007

Mayor Hickenlooper's "Green" Remodeling Ideas Withers On The Vine

Tossed aside because of the inherent moonbattery (and cost) of the "green" proposal:
A recommendation requiring Denver homeowners to pay for "green" improvements before they sell their homes is headed for the recycling bin.

As part of Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper's Greenprint Denver initiative, the mayor created an advisory council to come up with options for making Denver a leader in climate protection.

But a recommendation for "time-of-sale energy conservation" in a draft Climate Action Plan has created concerns.

On Tuesday, Hickenlooper said now is not the time for the plan.

"I don't think we need to insert additional burdens on homeowners trying to sell their houses right now," he said in a statement, noting the recommendations were intended to "stimulate discussion, not dictate policy."
Committees, especially those dominated by moonbats, are most dangerous when given the opportunity to "discuss" potential legislation and regulation. Given the current "craze" about climate change/global warming, the proposals were even more likely to be draconian and costly to the public.

Thankfully the "teflon" Mayor read the (green) tea leaves, and dropped this onerous proposal.

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