July 12, 2007

DNC Protestors Demand Written Guarantee Of Rights At Democratic National Convention

Hey moron, there is a document that literally enshrines your First Amendment rights.

It is called the Bill of Rights.

More hand-wringing from the moonbat leader:
City Council members said Wednesday they support First Amendment rights for protesters at the 2008 Democratic National Convention, despite killing a proclamation last month that detailed rights for demonstrators.

"Just because there is not a proclamation out there doesn't mean we don't support free speech," Councilwoman Jeanne Robb said.

But Glenn Spagnuolo, a co-founder of the activist group Re-create 68, said lack of a written document affirming that commitment is a concern.

"I think it is an embarrassment that they won't do it," said Spagnuolo, who wrote the proclamation in question. Outgoing Councilwoman Kathleen MacKenzie sponsored it.
What Spagnuolo wants is a surrender treaty from the police, disguised as meaningless symbolism, and grandstands when he can't get his way.


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