July 12, 2007

Moonbat Flies Flag Upside-Down, Earns HOA Citation

--no penalty issued by HOA:
The Cambridge Park Homeowners Association announced Friday it will not penalize resident Beth Hammer for flying an American flag upside down.

Nor will it ask her to change how she displays the flag, even though she had violated the association's policy.

Matt McClain © The Rocky

With the American flag reflected in her kitchen window, Beth Hammer works on her testimony in preparation for a homeowners association hearing Wednesday evening in the Cambridge Park gated community in Wheat Ridge. The HOA could issue a fine against Hammer and her husband, Doug.

Why I loathe moonbats and HOAs, both encapsulated in one story:
The Cambridge Park Homeowners Association made no decision Wednesday night at a hearing on whether a woman who displayed her flag upside down should be fined for violating the HOA's policies on political expression.

"A decision will be made within 10 days of the hearing," said Melissa Keithly, director for the HOA's Association and Community Management after the hearing Wednesday.

Beth Hammer, 65, a bank retiree, had asked for a hearing before the HOA board after she and her husband, Doug, were cited in April for violating the HOA policy on the proper display of flags.

Since March, the couple had displayed the flag upside down as silent, peaceful protest against the war in Iraq. An upside-down flag traditionally has been a distress symbol.

The couple were to comply or risk fines, up to $500 on each finding of a violation. That could include repeated or flagrant violations and could be applied on a daily basis.
Just last year, another Coloradoan faced her HOA's wrath for hanging a peace wreath out for the holidays. I described them as "communitarian dictatorships" then, and see no reason to change my view. Hammer is a moonbat, but there is no reason to restrict her political statements--and clauses that ban political expression are neither desirable nor American (the same goes for HOAs).

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