July 12, 2007

Young Coloradans Eager To Join, Fight

Call it honor. Call it duty. Or a call to service. The idea that there are still more Coloradans out there like Navy SEAL Danny Dietz (and many others, like those remembered here, or our own Daily Blogster, himself deployed) just waiting to take up the national slack is immensely encouraging (video):
Despite, and many because of, the wars in Iraq, many are taking the Army up on its offer.

"I've always thought the Army sounded fun, first of all," said 19-year-old Travis Young. "Also, there is a war going on, obviously, and there's no better time to join than when there's actually something to do."

Although the Army fell well short of its June recruiting goals nationally, Colorado's 27 sign-up stations are holding their own with the help of healthy bonuses and an offer to pay off college loans.

"The benefits are tremendous," said Capt. Chris Williams of the Arapahoe Recruiting Company Command. "It's a great way for a young man or woman to get started in life."

Recruits like Julianne Bugg have considered the dangers of deployment.

"Absolutely. I'd be naive not to," she said. "But that also includes excitement and, I mean, that's how you are serving your country so you are protecting the people of America, and that's very appropriate for me to do."

"Every young man and woman who joins -- they're all joining to serve," Williams said.

Young said he wants to be an Army ranger and Bugg said she plans to go to officer school after basic training.
Not all those under 30 years of age are moonbats. Nice to finally see the MSM cover them rather than their loony contemporaries.

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