July 21, 2007

Churchillpalooza: Ward Fires Back, Accuses Other Professors Of Plagiarism

The standard argument from a five-year-old--"they did it too!":
University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill — who says he expects to be fired Tuesday — has filed three counter-complaints against scholars who found violations in his writings during an academic-misconduct probe.

Churchill has lodged the complaints with Joseph Rosse, a professor on the Boulder campus who heads the Standing Committee on Research Misconduct.

In the three separate complaints, Churchill alleges that the scholars who investigated his work misrepresented his writings, committed serial plagiarism from other sources, twisted facts and concealed sources that would have supported his arguments.

The complaints are filed against the five people appointed by the university to investigate academic-misconduct allegations against Churchill after the professor's Sept. 11, 2001 essay sparked controversy.

In one of his filings, the embattled professor complains that Marjorie McIntosh, a distinguished professor of history emeritus, systematically plagiarized from sources on at least two dozen occasions.
The Great Churchill has spoken! There is nothing to see behind the curtain!

Demonstrating great intestinal fortitude (or is it liquid courage?--just kidding Drunkablog), JGM catches Churchil "spinning", and notes that the comments at DailyKos are actually running againstthe great perfesser ("academic freedom DOES NOT mean academic fraud"). Wow. Perhaps someone spiked their Kool-Aid?

And as usual, PirateBallerina is keeping tabs on all of the latest Churchill "Dismissalooza".

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