July 18, 2007

Churchillpalooza: The Final Edition

Until the inevitable, interminable appeals--of course (h/t Drunkablog):
D-Day in the struggle to defend free speech and Prof. Ward Churchill is Tuesday July 24.

On that day, the CU Regents will vote after an all-day meeting, most of which will be closed to the public. But the Regents must come out to face us when they make their vote and explain it. So, be there with us at 3:30pm for our main rally. We will observe their vote and make our voices heard.

If you can join us for more of the day, we will hold a small rally in the morning (7:30am, UMC South Plaza) to show our presence and we will maintain a vigil while the fight goes on behind closed doors.
Don't miss it!

The will be serving Kook-Aid, I'm told, all day.

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