May 09, 2007

CU President Hank Brown's Decision On Ward Churchill Due In 15 Days

Yet another milestone in the interminable Ward Churchill termination saga could occur in the next two weeks:
University of Colorado President Hank Brown has 15 days to decide the fate of Professor Ward Churchill after the faculty's Privilege and Tenure committee gave its report to him on Tuesday.
. . .
Brown will decide if Churchill should be reinstated, if there are grounds for dismissal or if other disciplinary measures should be issued.

If both Brown and a Hearings Panel agree a dismissal is warranted, the decision will be forwarded on to the Board of Regents.

However, if Brown decides there is ground for dismissal, but the Hearings Panel disagrees, the panel will have 15 days to respond to Brown's recommendation. If the two parties continue to disagree, both will forward their recommendations on the Board of Regents.

After the Board of Regents notifies Churchill of Brown's recommendation, the professor will have 20 business days to respond.

Churchill could then ask for a hearing in front of the Board of Regents.
So Churchill still won't be fired anytime soon--especially if Brown and the Hearings Panel disagree. Optimistically, June/July looks like the best shot at some resolution, even though a move to terminate will bring on the inevitable Churchill lawsuit.

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