May 03, 2007

May Day In Denver II: Followup

A little turnout inflation:
Denver Police spokesman Sonny Jackson said no major incidents were reported. He estimated the number of marchers at up to 2,000, but event coordinator Julien Ross said 10,000 was a more accurate number.
. . .
One mother said she is here illegally and sometimes wakes up in fear that she'll be deported to Mexico.

The family, with two children, is trying to sell its house and move to an apartment, so if it does happen, it would be easier to leave, she said.

"We want to stop the raids, and we are fighting for an immigration law to allow us to stay in the U.S.A.," said the woman's husband.
There is only problem with event coordinator's estimate--its a pile of you-know-what--here's the video of the entire march, lasting just over five minutes:

2000? Sure. 10000? Learn how to count, moron.

And more of the sob story/children angle intended to draw sympathy. Pobrecito!

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